Components for robotics.

Components and tools for robotics and autonomous systems. We use these in our own solution and usually have stock. Carefully selected as the best for the job.



AI cameras for robotics

Designed for processing on-board the camera to off-load your main computer and use AI efficiently.

DFRobot Lattepanda


Power and cost efficient computer for edge AI and robot control.

Selected for compatibility with robotics software and sensors. Power and thermal efficient for deployment in harsh environments.

Wifi 6 Openwrt router

Networking equipment

Keeping robots connected to the internet, each other and controller.

Based on OpenWRT firmware, fully customizable network solution that can be used for mash networking, 4G, VPN, remote access and provide cutting edge security features.

xArm 6

Robot Arms

Cost efficient lightweight robot arms ideal for mounting on robots.

Transparently priced robot arms from UFactory.

Solar battery charger.

Tools and field trial equipment.

Carefully selected to be most suitable for deployment in harsh and remote environments.

Variety of tools and equipment for robotics field testing and deployment.

Robot controller

Robot controllers

Advanced controllers with autonomous mission planning.

Carefully selected controllers with applications suitable for remote operation, video streaming, mission planning and monitoring.