Bunker Mini Platform

Look no further, you have found the perfect robot for your next project or even your industrial end-product. Unmatched price for features offered.

The first robot I would hand over to non-technical end users without concern.

Small tracked robot designed for harsh off-road enviornment. High payload capacity. Tracked design for low ground pressure and high torque. IP67 rating. Safer around people due to small size.

Bunker Mini Load

Excelent for extreme environment with IP67 rating. It tackles steep, uneven ground indoors and outdoors. Tracks are the best choice for soft ground like mud, sand and snow. It works well in farms, beaches and mountains. Due to the low ground pressure it can traverse terrain that people cannot like thin ice or swamp. Perfect characteristics for a surveillance, detection or exploration robot capable of operating in any environment.

ROS-compatiblemobile base is equipped with a CAN bus connectivity and is suitable for a wide range of applications. We also offer a fully autonomous version in solutions.

Bunker Mini Dimensions Bunker Mini Specifications Romantic Includes useful flight case Self loading