Bunker Pro Platform

Large tracked robot designed for harsh off-road enviornment. High payload capacity. Tracked design for low ground pressure and staircase climbing. IP67 rating.

Bunker Pro

Best choice for extreme environment.
It tackles steep, uneven ground or wasteland with the same ease as if it were driving on asphalt. Tracks are the best choice for soft ground like mud, sand and snow. It works well in farms, beaches and mountains. Due to the low ground pressure it puts less force on the ground than an average person. Perfect characteristics for a surveillance, detection or exploration robot capable of operating in any environment.

This ROS-compatible crawler mobile base is equipped with a CAN bus and RS-232 connectivity and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The mobile robot can carry up to 110 kg of payload. Dual rails for accomodating a large veriety of payload.

Bunker Pro Dimensions Bunker Pro Specifications