Solutions using autonomous robots

Autonomous robots are perfect for dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. Such tasks are not cost-effective for human labour, but can still add a lot of benefit for the business if can be done at low cost and at scale. Full autonomous robot operations will enable scalability and affordability. Typically return on investment can be achieved in 3 to 5 years.

General purpose humanoid robot

General purpose humanoid robot

Robots that can do any tasks

Currently in early days of R&D now there is a clear rapid development towards commercialising general purpose humanoid robots.

Bunker Mini robot iun agriculture


Affordable and scalable soil quality monitoring

Enabled by autonomous robot large scale soil quality monitoring can be achieved at low cost. Soil quality information can reduce the need of off-farm inputs such as fertilizer.

Bunker Mini robot platform

Physical security

Robots protecting large and remote assets.

Autonomous robots are perfect for monitoring remote sites, factories, warehouses or docks. Not only do autonomous robots provide perimeter checks to detect intrusion, but they also checks changes and faulty equipment such as lights, leaks, corrosion, etc.

Cobot for laboratory environment

Lab automation

Mobile robot with arm for flexible and scalable item transportation in laboratory environment

Lab automation can accelerate your R&D and production. These Cobots (Collaborative robots) are designed to work in the same space as people and assist with mundane tasks.

Custom dedicated data storage servers

Field Trial data storage

Scalable, affordable and secure storage you can take to the field

We understand the need of robotics projects to collect large quantities of field trial data during development for training and simulation. We offer dedicated custom built storage server with gigabit internet connection accessible securely from anywhere. Up to 16 TB of RAID1 (data mirroring in case hardware failure) or 32TB without.